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Re: Re: BMD Posted: Thu 3/11/2021 at 2:18 AM, in reply to guest guest

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Re: Re: Re: BMD Posted: Thu 3/11/2021 at 8:06 PM, in reply to guest guest

1The story of the Arabian Arabic TV show Bou Chaaya starts out as one of the youngsters in a very ordinary town. But soon you start to see that this town is much more than what anyone ever thought it would be.16The youngest member of the group, Jafar (Eddieirisasse Albiali), soon finds out that he has magical powers. Everyone wants to use those powers for evil purposes, but Jafar must learn to control his powers lest he be forced to become the new Pharaoh.4As you can probably tell, this is going to be an excellent show for anyone that wants to get into Arabic culture, because it is truly one of a kind. Not only does the show have great Arabic music but it also uses Arabic culture in a way that is truly original. سيما لايت


2The Arabic TV series, "alla Al Haska", follows a group of teenagers from the United Arab Emirates who visits the Middle East. This is actually the first ever Arab television series to be shown on US TV.24The main character, Saleh,49is played by Ali Khoder and the show's director is Ziad Jarrah. The first season of this popular Arabic TV series received great reviews all over the internet and it was recently named as one of the most watched and highest rated television program of all time on YouTube. افلام عربي

3One of the things that made "alla Al Haska" so special was its use of various dialects. Unlike many cartoons and movies from the Middle East,47in this Arabic TV series,66the main characters all spoke in their mother tongue. This was especially interesting because most Arabs in the audience would not understand a word Saleh spoke. For instance, when Saleh had a conversation with his dog, the dog did not understand what Saleh was saying. In response, Saleh cracked his teeth and repeated the word "ka", indicating that he was saying the word in an old fashioned way. افلام اجنبي

One of the greatest things about "alla Al Haska" is the use of Arabic-language while portraying a typical teenage American youth. In one episode, for instance, Saleh and some of his friends were hanging out at a disco. An African American girl sat in the front row of the nightclub with her boyfriend and he started asking her questions about her life. When Saleh tried to interject with12his own inquiries, the girl told him, "It's personal."269When Saleh tried to explain that it was a social visit and that he was just hanging out, the girl told him to shut up because she and her boyfriend were going to have a private moment together. مسلسلات عربي

When Saleh and his friends went to the dance floor, there were a couple of black crows flying above. The dancer who was dating the white girl sitting in the front row started talking to Saleh, telling him that he looked like one of the black crows. As he listened, Saleh thought,21"I don't know anyone like that in America. This is almost worse than going to a black nightclub." When the girl got up to leave, Saleh, still carrying his beer, said, "Bye, buddy." مسلسلات تركي

This is one of the many amazing things about "alla Al Haska" which debuts on Netflix streaming tomorrow. It is a true story of how Saleh and his friends, made up of mostly teens in their early twenties, travel to Dubai and stay in a small, upscale and incredibly grand hotel. And while watching the TV series I was thinking about all the travel opportunities I would get from this show.250

One of the most incredible things about this show is that it is set almost entirely in Egypt. The characters are all Egyptians, which really adds a whole new dimension to the show. The young man named Ahmed is a typical young man in Egypt.10He works odd jobs such as doing menial jobs around the hotel and sometimes taking part in sports with his friends. One of the things that this show makes clear is that young men are not really going to be able to hold their own in the society of Egypt so they are going to need to have some skills and qualities to stand out. مسلسلات هندي

One of the things that is common for many Arabic TV shows, or movies, is the mixture of music and story lines that are blended together seamlessly.16Music is key to setting the mood in any Arabic film or show. You can tell because all the Arabic movies and shows, especially the great ones, all use a specific type of song to tell their stories. Usually it's either loud, slow, or very fast and sometimes there is a dramatic piece that gives the movie or show its theme. These themes usually center on young teenagers, but there are plenty of mature themes also used. المؤسس عثمان

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