IEEE @ A Glance

Fostering Technological Innovation and Excellence for the Benefit of Humanity

IEEE is the largest worldwide organization of engineers. Through its many societies relating to different aspects of electrical, electronic and IT industries, and through publications generated by these societies, IEEE keeps engineers up-to-date with emerging technologies. In addition, it provides an environment where networking between engineers is encouraged. Come to a meeting to see how IEEE can make a difference in your career. To join IEEE, contact us at

Team Tesla

Amanda Shields, President
Ethan Reesor, Vice President
Heather Bell, Secretary
John Bennett, Treasurer
Thomas Savageau, Representative 

Official IEEE

IEEE is a leading authority in technical areas with more than 361,000 members in 170 countries worldwide. 
The old saying goes, "It's who you know" when it comes to getting a job and that's true, especially in today's society. That's why an IEEE membership can help you land your first internship or job and can even lead to scholarship and research opportunities.  Student Membership is only $32 a year!