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Filing Schedule K-1 is easy! There are 0 replies:
Filing Schedule K-1 is easy! Original post: Fri 6/18/2021 at 2:26 AM

Transfer entities such as partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and S corporations must submit this annex together with the personal tax returns of their partners or shareholders.

Do not get confused. There are several types of Schedule K-1 that correspond to the forms that each company must file when filing taxes.

All the annexes are divided into three parts, and all the information you need to complete them is in the business tax return, and in its financial statements. On March 15, you should have the annex in your hands, which will help you prepare your personal statement.

Finally, check which annex you should present according to the type of your company, do not forget to attach it to your individual statement, and request the help of an expert when you need it.

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