Transcript Requests

Transcript requests will be processed upon receipt of both the signed request form and the fee of $10 per copy paid directly to the Business Office (if your financial account is current). Separate forms must be submitted for each request being sent to a different address.  Please note that transcript requests made during grade collection may be delayed until grades are processed. Forms may be scanned and submitted by email to Please contact our Business Office at or 301-369-2318 to pay the transcript fee by phone.
Please note: Transcripts cannot be sent by email or in electronic format.  Current students can access an electronic copy of their unofficial transcript from the Student tab of the MyCapitol portal.
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Registration and General Information

This form must be completed and approved in order to waive a prerequisite.

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A required class in one's degree program can be substituted with another under special circumstances with the completion and submission of this form. This form must be signed by one's department chair or the Dean of Academics. This form cannot be applied to coursework within a certificate program.

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Use this form to request authorization to register for two classes that have a time conflict. The form must be approved by the professors of each class as well as your Academic Department Chair.

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Please complete this transfer credit approval form before taking any courses at another institution of higher learning.  This will assure the coursework is transferable to your degree program.  Once the course is completed with a grade of 'C' or better, have official transcripts sent to Capitol Technology University to the attention of the Registrar's Office.
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Independent study in a course will be granted only in the most extraordinary circumstances.  Eligibility for an independent study course will be determined by the department chair. If the department chair determines that a student is eligible for an independent study course, they will assign an instructor and the student will be registered for the course by the Office of Registration and Records. The assigned professor will coordinate all course requirements including exams, homework, lab assignments and research papers in lieu of classroom participation.

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Use this form to apply for a course or courses outside of your academic division.

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Use this form to update your contact information. This includes for personal and professional contacts.

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Students planning to earn a certificate may only apply one relevant transfer course to certificate requirements. All remaining coursework must be completed at Capitol Technology University with no substitutions or waivers and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (Undergraduate) or 3.0 (Graduate) in all required courses. There is no limit on the number of certificates one can earn. Each certificate costs $25.00. Students are given a physical certificate as well as recognition on their official transcripts.

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Release of Records Forms

This form is used to generate an enrollment verification letter from the Office of Registration and Records.  Verification of attendance is often required by student loan originators and health/automobile insurance companies.  Please allow two to three days for processing.
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If your finances are handled by a third party (sponsor, employer or parent), you may be required to provide a grade report.  This form gives the Office of Registration and Records permission to mail your grade report to the appropriate party. 
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Degree Change

To add, drop, or change a degree program, complete the form. The form must be signed by the Academic Dean or Department Chair before it will be processed by the Office of Registration and Records.

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To add, drop, or change a degree program, complete the form. The form must be signed by the Associate Dean or Department Chair before it will be processed by the Office of Registration and Records.

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Use this form to add a minor to your degree program. Please follow all steps as indicated on the form.

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Beginning in the 2016 fall semester (fall 2017 for Cyber and Information Security), the following undergraduate degree programs have undergone a significant change in degree requirements including in many cases a reduction in the total credits required to complete the degree program: Astronautical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Cyber and Information Security, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering Technology, Mobile Computing and Game Programming, Telecommunications Engineering Technology, Software Engineering, and Web Development

By signing and submitting this form to the Office of Registration and Records you are requesting a change in your advising catalog year to the fall 2016 degree requirements (fall 2017 for Cyber and Information Security).

If you have any questions about this optional change in degree requirements please contact the Academic Dean’s Office to schedule a meeting with your Department Chair at 240-965-2485.

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To change a doctoral degree program, complete the form. The form must be signed by the Dean or Director of Doctoral programs before it will be processed by the Office of Registration and Records.

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